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Club History

The milestone of 50 years of the North Clare FC was acknowledged and celebrated on Friday the 16th July 2010 at the Sports Complex and Saturday the 17th July with the local derby against South Clare at the Clare Oval and later that evening at the Clare Town Hall.

Even though we celebrated 50 yrs of North Clare FC, Aussie Rules footy has been played by the township of Clare for the past 137 yrs. The original Clare FC was formed in 1873 and played challenge matches against any willing and nearby towns up until 1910 when they joined the Mid North Association as Clare FC. They then started playing regular matches each weekend until the end of 1914.

North Clare FC and South Clare FC were created from 1915 until 1918 for 4 years and then again from 1920 until 1936 for 17 years, although the North Clare FC had a recess year during 1924. In 1926 the Stanley Flat FC amalmagated with the North Clare FC.

On both occasions North Clare FC and South Clare FC joined the Stanley Football Association.

They combined as the Clare FC in 1919 to re-join the Mid North Association for the single year.

During WWII, both clubs combined again in 1937 and again joined the Mid North Association as the Clare FC. This lasted until the end of 1959 (the last premiership year for the Clare FC!), when they again created North Clare FC and South Clare FC in 1960 and initially joined the Mid North Association and then later transferred to the North Eastern Football League in 1964 where they still remain today.

Whilst this latest reformation was the 3rd time that both clubs reformed into 2 separate clubs it certainly was the longest with the current 50 years likely to continue for some time yet.

All 3 Clare Football Club’s have performed admirably over the past 137 years with many premierships and grand final appearances equally shared by them all.

The Clare FC won 8 premierships and appeared in 15 grand finals for the 29 years it existed in the Mid North Association football from 1910 until 1959.

South Clare FC has won 15 premierships and appeared in 33 grand finals (1 replay) during the 71 years of the South Clare FC since 1915.

The North Clare FC has won 14 premierships and appeared in 27 grand finals (1 replay against South Clare in 1920) during the 70 years of North Clare FC since 1915.

West Beach
A former North Clare footballer.


 Office Bearers 

Year President Vice President Secretary Treasurer
1960 N.F.Pritchard I.Tremethick H.Knappstein G.Collins
1961 N.F.Pritchard I.Tremethick H.Knappstein R.Willson
1962 R.WIllson A.E.Smart G.Bromson F.Wright
1963 R.WIllson L.McDonald G.Bromson F.Wright
1964 R.WIllson John Victor G.Bromson Roly Watts
1965 Geoff Pink John Victor Jack Harvey Roly Watts
1966 Geoff Pink John Victor Jack Harvey Maxine Fairchild
1967 Geoff Pink John Victor Jack Harvey Maxine Fairchild
1968 Geoff Pink John Victor Jack Harvey Maxine Fairchild
1969 Quentin McDonald Max Bromson Colin Cook Maxine Fairchild
1970 Quentin McDonald Jock Sommerville Colin Cook Peter Paine
1971 Quentin McDonald Jock Sommerville Peter Hall Peter Paine
1972 Peter Seebohm Peter Brooks Max Bromson Peter Paine
1973 Peter Seebohm Peter Brooks M.Rowley Peter Paine
1974 Peter Brooks Peter Hall M.Rowley D.C.Clark
1975 Bill Leunig Peter Hall Ken May Maxine Fairchild
1976 Bill Leunig Lux Nitschke N.Moriarity Maxine Fairchild
1977 John Victor Barry McMutrie Ken May Maxine Fairchild
1978 John Victor Leith Smart Charles Pink Maxine Fairchild
1979 Jim Best Ron Curnow Linden Beames Maxine Fairchild
1980 Jim Best N/A Ron Curnow Maxine Fairchild
1981 Jim Best Colin Cook Maxine Fairchild Maxine Fairchild
1982 Colin Cook Don Sommerville Rob Tobin Maxine Fairchild
1983 Colin Cook Don Sommerville Rob Tobin Jill Gillen
1984 Jim Best Fred Armstrong Rod Possingham Maxine Fairchild
1985 Fred Armstrong Michael White Rod Possingham Maxine Fairchild
1986 Michael White Colin Cook Colin Trengrove Maxine Fairchild
1987 Michael White Colin Cook Rob Heaslip Maxine Fairchild
1988 Michael White Colin Cook / Peter Stopp M.Pridham / R.Heaslip Maxine Fairchild
1989 Michael White Neville Ritchie T.Cook / P.Kirchner Craig Farley
1990 Gary Tiss Neville Ritchie Gary Pink Mathew Bielby
1991 Gary Tiss Chris Redden Rodney Mitchell Neville Ritchie
1992 Gary Tiss Chris Redden Rodney Mitchell Neville Ritchie
1993 Gary Tiss Jack Pengily Rodney Mitchell Jo Read
1994 Colin Cook Jack Pengilly Heather Mitchell Joy Shearer
1995 Colin Cook Robert Stutley Heather Mitchell David Zielonka
1996 Jack Pengily Robert Stutley Colin Cook Ian Walker
1997 Jack Pengilly Robert Stutley Geoff Berry Ian Walker
1998 Jack Pengilly Rodney Mitchell Geoff Berry Nola Bremner
1999 Jack Pengilly Steve Pink Geoff Berry Angela Wallis
2000 Rodney Mitchell Steve Pink Geoff Berry P. Gates
2001 Steve Pink Dave Wilson Geoff Knappstein  Yvonne Pengilly
2002 Brenton Koch Steve McInerney Ruth Warnock Yvonne Pengilly
2003 C. Cook/ S. McInerney  Steve McInerney Ruth Warnock Yvonne Pengilly
2004 Steve McInerney  Ian Pearce Ruth Warnock Yvonne Pengilly
2005 Steve McInerney Ian Pearce Ruth Warnock Ruth Warnock
2006 Peter Coles David Moulds Ruth Warnock Ruth Warnock
2007 Peter Coles David Moulds Ruth Warnock  Leanne Channon
2008 David Moulds Dave Pritchard Jacqui Garrard Leanne Channon
2009 David Moulds Dennis Channon Jacqui Garrard Leanne Channon 
2010 Dennis Channon Dave Pritchard Ruth Warnock Denny Polden
2011 Dave Pritchard Kevin Pawley Linda Schumacher Anne-Marie Pritchard
2012 Dave Pritchard Kevin Pawley Mellissa Helbig Anne-Marie Pritchard
2013 Dave Pritchard Vic Zanette Mellissa Helbig Anne-Marie Pritchard
2014 Dave Pritchard Ian Pearce Mellissa Helbig Anne-Marie Pritchard
2015 Ian Pearce Michael Laidlaw Mellissa Helbig Anne-Marie Pritchard
2016 Ian Pearce Nic Jones Ryan Tregilgas Anne-Marie Pritchard
2017 Ian Perace Nic Jones Ryan Tregilgas Anne-Marie Pritchard
2018 Ian Pearce Jake Panoho Ryan Tregilgas Anne-Marie Pritchard
2019 Ian Pearce Jake Panaho Ryan Tregilgas  Mel Treloar / Matt O'Dea
2020 Ian Pearce Damien Smith Ryan Tregilgas Anne-Marie Pritchard



Year A Grade Coach A Grade Captain  B Grade Coach B Grade Captain Sen Colts Coach Sen Colts Captain Jnr Colts Coach Jnr Colts Captain
1960 M.Errington M.Errington N/A N/A N/A P. Basham
1961 Bevan Ireland Bevan Ireland N/A N/A N/A N/A
1962 Kel Burton John Leigh N/A N/A John Victor Peter Hoskin
1963 Ian Stock Ian Stock N/A N/A John Victor Alwyn Baker
1964 Jim Tripp Jim Tripp N/A Keith Langly John Victor Garry Bromson
1965 Jim Tripp Jim Tripp N/A N/A John Victor N/A
1966 Fred Wooding Fred Wooding N/A N/A John Victor N/A
1967 Don Oliver Don Oliver N/A Roger Bayes John Victor P. Steele
1968 Don Oliver Don Oliver Don Oliver Peter Hill N/A Lindsay Victor
1969 Trevor Fairchild Trevor Fairchild N/A N/A N/A N/A
1970 Don Oliver Trevor Fairchild Don Oliver N/A I. Nitschke N/A
1971 Ken Nunn Trevor Fairchild N/A N/A Ern Cotton C. Bruce
1972 Steve Schrapel Steve Schrapel Steve Schrapel Robert Stutley N/A Phil Dohnt
1973 Steve Schrapel Steve Schrapel N/A N/A Richard Willson Paul Kocsis W.Oliver N/A
1974 Brendan Smart Brendan Smart D.Oliver P.Paine Richard Willson David Heinrich W.Oliver Rod Huppatz
1975 Brendan Smart Brendan Smart G.Anderson Bryan Dowd Richard Willson N/A P.Dinan A.Dinan
1976 Kevin Lane Don Sommerville Kevin Lane Clive Clark Hartley Wheeler Ian Prince Peter Dickeson Andrew Leunig
1977 Kevin Lane Wayne Ottens J.Bruce Robert Stutley Lindsay Victor Phil McMutrie Peter Dickeson A.Chigwidden
1978 Neville Woolcock Neville Woolcock N/A Robert Stutley Lindsay Victor Michael Jacka T.Moller / J.Bannister A.Chigwidden
1979 Leith Smart / R.Curnow Leith Smart N/A Chris Paine Lindsay Victor John Cook T.Moller / J.Bannister Shane Farley
1980 Ken Nunn Don Sommerville Paul Steele Lindsay Victor Lindsay Victor Con Demetriou T.Moller / J.Bannister N/A
1981 Kevin Lane Don Sommerville Lux Nitschke Lindsay Victor Harvey Chenoweth Graham Wallent Allen Taylor Nick Chigwidden
1982 Kevin Lane Don Sommerville Lux Nitschke Lindsay Victor Harvey Chenoweth Shane Ditcham Allen Taylor David Ritchie
1983 Kevin Lane Don Sommerville Stephen Lane Lindsay Victor Leon Roberts Trevor White Colin Cook Glen Pink
1984 Harvey Chenoweth Harvey Chenoweth B.Beeching David Heinrich Rodney Mitchell Mark Ditcham Colin Cook  Peter Cook
1985 Kevin Lane Mark Cousins Lux Nitschke Gary Pink Keith Rowley David Anderson Colin Cook Shane Catford
1986 Kevin Lane David Bone Harvey Chenoweth Rod Possingham Keith Rowley Glen Pink Colin Cook Tim Cook
1987 S.Davis / H.Chenoweth Ian McKendrick C.Cook / H.Chenoweth Gary Pink George Nitschke Glen Pink Rodney Mitchell Tim Cook
1988 Harvey Chenoweth Michael Jacka Rob Heaslip Gary Pink George Nitschke Brett Francis Rodney Mitchell Tim Cook
1989 David Pearce David Pearce Ian James Gary Pink George Nitschke Adam Moller Gary Pink Tom Redden
1990 Steve Budarick Steve Budarick Ian James Rodney Mitchell Duncan Begg Paul Pawelski Gary Pink Troy Best
1991 Allan Stringer Allan Stringer Ian James Rodney Mitchell Wayne Allen Tom Redden Gary Pink Craig Jaeschke
1992 Allan Stringer Allan Stringer Ian James Rodney Mitchell W.Allen / D.Begg Brett Pink Gary Pink Ben Coles
1993 Ian James Peter Cook Kevin Morris Kevin Morris Duncan Begg David Kuss Colin Cook Ken Pink
1994 Allan Stringer Peter Cook Rodney Mitchell Rodney Mitchell Duncan Begg Shaun Loughead Darren Catford Brad James
1995 Allan Stringer Peter Cook Rodney Mitchell Ashley Burns Duncan Begg Leigh Meaney Steve Pink Brad James
1996 Ian James Peter Cook Rodney Mitchell A.Burns / C.Noonan Marc Cooney Phil Noble Steve Pink Troy Stevens
1997 Colin Kirkwood Peter Cook Rodney Mitchell David Moulds M.Cooney / L.Victor Shane Bones Steve Pink Matt Kain
1998 Colin Kirkwood Peter Cook George Coles Rodney Mitchell Duncan Begg Sam Pink Steve Pink Joel Marsh
1999 Peter Cook Duncan Begg George Coles Rodney Mitchell Paul Pawelski James Knappstein Steve Pink Luke Willson
2000 David Wood Peter Cook Michael Huppatz Chris Slade
2001 David Wood Peter Cook Michael Huppatz Tom Redden Colin Cook Daniel Morris  Gary Corfield Tyson Pawley
2002 Ashley Arbon Peter Cook Michael Huppatz Tom Redden Colin Cook
2003 A.Arbon / M.Huppatz Craig Jaeschke M.Huppatz / D.Pretlove Tom Redden Ken Nunn Lewis Budarick  Ian McKendrick Dylan Nykiel
2004 Rick Lamond Craig Jaeschke Brett Francis Tom Redden M.Ward / S.Pink Tyson Pawley Brett Pink Patrick Clark
2005 Rick Lamond Craig Jaeschke Brett Francis Robert Hackett Gary Corfield Brett Pink Jason Koch
2006 Eddy Hocking Craig Jaeschke Brett Francis Nic Jones Gary Corfield Will Smith Brett Pink Will Smith
2007 Brett Francis Matt Ward Gary Corfield Nic Jones Marc Stutley Will Smith Loi Zannetti Dylan Stutley
2008 Craig Jaeschke Matt Ward Gearge Coles Nic Jones Marc Stutley Patrick Clark Brendan Ackland Bradley Jones
2009 Craig Jaeschke Matt Ward Gearge Coles Loi Zanetti Brett Pink Josh Pritchard Patrick Clark Andrew Norton
2010 Gearge Coles Matt Ward Mark Sims Nic Jones Brett Pink Nick Earle Andrew Jaeschke Haydon Calaby
2011 Gearge Coles Matt Ward Mark Sims Nic Jones Michael Harrold Nick Rowe Andrew Jaeschke Lachlan Jaeschke
2012 Frank Armfield Matt Ward Mark Sims Nic Jones Michael Harrold Andrew Norton Darren Pretlove Jarrod King
2013 Frank Armfield Craig Jaeschke Gearge Coles Michael Dopson Michael Harrold James Brown Paul Garrard Daniel Garrard
2014 Peter Cook Tyson Pawley George Coles Michael Dopson Michael Harrold Bailey Laidlaw Jake Panoho Tyson Francis
2015 Peter Cook Tyson Pawley Michael Harrold Patrick Redden Frank Armfield Shane Channon Jake Panoho Nathan Francis
2016 Peter Cook Tyson Pawley Nathan Scott Rohan Higgins  Michael Dopson Daniel Garrard  Tom Hawker Angas McDonald 
2017 Peter Cook Nick Pearce Paul Pawelski R. Tregilgas/N. Earle Jake Panoho J. Earle/C. Helbig Micahel Harrold Harry Redden
            B. Schumacher    
2018 Peter Cook Nick Rowe Paul Pawelski  B. Bishop/N. Earle Matt Schulz  Will Nickolai Michael Harrold  Royden Harrold
2019 Peter Cook   Paul Pawelski   Matt Schulz   Michael Harrold  
2020 Jackson O'Brien   Stewart Verco   Warren Baum   Balke Earle/Michael Dopson  



Year A Grade B Grade Senior Colts/U17's Junior Colts/U14's
1960 Jamie Irwin Trevor Fairchild
1961 Jamie Irwin Philip Basham
1962 Ken Hammond Peter Hoskin
1963 Ken Hammond Max Bromson
1964 Kevin Coulter
1965 Barry Houston Tom Hancock Don Sommerville
1966 John Hunter Roger Hayes Noel Smith
1967 Ken Hammond Ian Sommerville Noel Smith* (Assoc Medal)
1968 Wayne Ottens Don Coulter* (Assoc Medal) Lindsay Victor* (Assoc Medal)
1969 Don Sommerville Peter Paine Bryan Victor* (Assoc Medal)
1970 Don Sommerville Peter Paine D. Jenner
1971 Lindsay Victor Colin Cook Geoff Dobie
1972 Don Sommerville Robert Stutley Paul Dohnt Bill Jarman
1973 Don Sommerville* (Assoc Medal) Paul Durkay Gary Pink Ian Prince
1974 Paul Dohnt Jeff Bray Gary Pink A.Dinan
Ken May* (Assoc Medal)
1975 Brendan Smart Jeff Bray Charlie Newchurch A. Dinan
1976 Stephen Lane G.Edwards Gareth Wheeler A.Chigwidden
Don Sommerville* ( Assoc Medal)
1977 Don Sommerville Gary Pink Michael Jacka A.Chigwidden
1978 Bryan Victor Andy Semic Richard Anderson A.Chigwidden
1979 Michael Liebelt Rod Huppatz Richard Anderson Shane Farley
1980 Don Sommerville Lindsay Victor A.Chigwidden Nick Chigwidden* (Assoc Medal)
Ashley Smart* (Assoc Medal)
1981 Stephen Lane Lindsay Victor* (Assoc Medal) Mark Virgo Nick Chigwidden* (Assoc Medal)
1982 David Pearce Shane Ditcham
1983 Allen Bongetti
1984 Mark Cousins Gary Tiss Mark Ditcham Peter Cook
1985 Mark Cousins Gary Tiss* (Assoc Medal)
1986 Andrew Jaeschke R.Possingham* (Assoc Medal) Peter Cook Adam Moller* (Assoc Medal
1987 Rob Stephens Graham Stevens Peter Zeitz Tim Cook
Ian Pilgram* (Assoc Medal)
1988 Andrew Jaeschke Paul Erwin Shane Catford Tim Cook
1989 Rob Stephens Rodney Mitchell* (Assoc Medal) Ian Pilgram Tom Redden
1990 Nick Ashby Warren Baum
1991 Michael Jacka Rodney Mitchell* (Assoc Medal) D.Radcliffe Craig Jaeschke* (Assoc Medal)
1992 Mark Kemp* Rodney Mitchell* (Assoc medal) Tom Redden Ben Coles
1993 Peter Cook Ashley Burns Brad Willis Sam Pink
1994 Peter Henwood Matt Maxwell Craig Jaeschke Brad James
Scott Willis* (Assoc Medal)
1995 Brett Francis David Kuss* (Assoc Medal) Craig Jaeschke Nathan Tobin
1996 Marc Cooney Neil Bridger Phil Noble Kym Berry
1997 Peter Cook Chris Noonan Sam Pink Blake Spears
1998 Craig Jaeschke Chris Slade Adam Pengilly Daniel Morris
Sam Pink* (Assoc Medal)
1999 Mark Hill Damien Smith James Knappstein Luke Wilson
2000 Peter Cook Gary Bockman Brendan Pudney Richard Moulds
2001 David Wood
2002 Peter Cook John Nickolai* (Assoc Medal) Luke Willson Dylan Nykiel
2003 Rick Lamond Grant Jaeschke Michael Finey Damien Ahern
2004 Vinnie Taylor Paul Murphy Tyson Pawley Stefan Grace
2005 Ben Coles R.Moulds / T.Pawley Joe Devaney Matt Catford
2006 Craig Jaeschke Hamish Warnock Tom Swearse Dylan Stutley
2007 Craig Jaeschke Craig Bockman Will Smith* (Assoc Medal) Tom Huppatz
2008 Josh Hollitt Brett Wheeldon Dylan Stutley Max Makin
2009 John Nicholas Barry Sweetman Josh Pritchard Andrew Norton
2010 Craig Jaeschke Damien Bones Tim Norton Dillon Brown
2011 Tom Blum Tim Siv Dillon Brown Bailey Laidlaw
    Barry Sweetman* (Assoc Medal)    
2012 Andrew Amey Simon Jaeschke James Brown Jarrod King
2013 Craig Jaeschke Matt Ward James Brown Daniel Garrard
2014 Harrison Cumming Tim Siv * (Assoc Medal) Bailey Laidlaw Tyson Francis
2015 Nick Pearce Ben Fischer Ben Cross Nick Baum
2016 Chris Puiatti Charlie Helbig Charlie Helbig Tom Cross
2017 Chris Puiatti Brad Bishop Charlie Helbig Sam Baum
2018 Tom Stevens Brad Bishop Nathan Francis Declan O'Dea
2019 Lachlan Jaeschke Scott Kuerschner Hayden Schultz William Hawker